The Van

The base van that we will be converting is a 2016 Ford Custom L1H2 Trend model, 105BHP. It is a low mileage van, 28K miles at the time of purchase with a full service history. It is a former builder / plumbers van and is in remarkable good condition.

Why a Ford Custom?

After doing loads of research in regards to a van to convert, we decided on the Ford Custom for a few reasons. Firstly, we wanted a high top van as the standard van heights really are just too low for practical use we thought. Yes, there will be times when we cannot get the van into certain car parks but we can work around that. Having looked at the VW High top vans and the Ford Custom vans, we felt that the Custom H2 looked better than the VW equivalent. At the time of purchase, (at the end of lockdown 1.0) Ford Custom prices were strong but VW T5 / T6 were through the roof. Having lurked on a number of forums and facebook groups, you would read plenty of pro / cons comments for both but at the end of the day, it is very much a personal decision. We are used to driving Ford vans / minibus’ so in the end, that helped us decide to go to the L1H2. Now we are part way through converting, I would say that the H2 is the right choice for us but it is a pain trying to work out how we are going to finish the roof section. In hindsight, would probably purchase the LWB version of this van just for the extra length space inside.