Bulkhead & Ply Lining Removal

Welcome to my 2nd Video Log or should that be Van Log! In this video we are looking at the removal of the Bulkhead & Ply Lining in the Ford Custom L1H2.

The Ford Custom bulkhead is a two piece bulkhead with a large upper section which is lined on the cabin side and a smaller lower piece which has the hinged plate to allow long lengths of material to go into the rear of the van and then slide under the double passenger seat.

The removal process is very straightforward and you need to remove the two plastic trims (if fitted) over the sliding door on the passenger side and the same on the opposite side. Each side has a torx screw and then held in with two further trim clips. These need to be removed in order to take the upper bulkhead out. The upper bulkhead is held in with about 18 torx head bolts. I would recommend leaving a couple of bolts in the top so that when you have removed all the other bolts, it doesn’t just slide off and hit you!

Once the upper bulkhead has been removed, it is the same process for the lower bulkhead; again these are held in with about 10 torx head bolts.

The Van

The base van that I will be converting is a 2016 Ford Custom L1H2 Trend model, 105BHP. It is a low mileage van, 28K miles at the time of purchase with a full service history. It is a former builder / plumbers van and is in remarkable good condition.