The Van

The base van that I will be converting is a 2016 Ford Custom L1H2 Trend model, 105BHP. It is a low mileage van, 28K miles at the time of purchase with a full service history. It is a former builder / plumbers van and is in remarkable good condition.

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  1. Hi guys love watching your vids helped us a lot. When you put your double seat base in did you have to flatten any metal down did it fit ok ?. will the base you put in fit a 2020 transit custom ltd your van looks the same. What double seat is it Kirravans or Customshop designs ?.Heard a lot of bad reviews about Customshop swivel base not fitting .. How much does it raise the seat ?. Any help would be very much appreciated many thanks D .. A Fowler

    • Thank you for your message. The seat base was from Custom Shop Design and is currently the only double swivel available; however I am led to believe that Kiravans are doing one very soon.
      The seat was a bit awkward to fit but nothing too difficult. I would say the instructions are vague and questionable at times but with logic and trial fitting, you will find you don’t need to cut the threaded bolt studs down. The only bit I had to cut at an angle was the high tensile locator stud by the handbrake. This was too long for the seat base so need to be shortened and angled to fit. Apart from that, it fitted very well. It raises the seat up by 4cms and does make it feel quite high if sat in the passenger seat next to the window. If you sit on the middle seat it feels much more natural. Hope that helps!


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